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Add the following property to the Property table of the MSI: Property REINSTALLMODE with Value amus Note: This will cause all the files in the MSI (versioned and nonversioned) to overwrite the files that are on the system.This is almost never safe as it may trigger reinstall of system files installed by merge modules.This is VERY safe in most circumstances because you should NOT be installing system file merge modules in your application installs. The application installation should not install files into the system folder and current versions of Microsoft files should be installed using the supplied MSI or exe and NOT using merege modules.A bootstrapper can be created which contains the application MSI and the Microsoft install if needed.In addition to these actions an additional 39 torrents sites were pulled offline in The Netherlands based on a MPAA tip-off.Although none of the sites have been named officially, Torrent Freak has learned that the file-sharing community Darkside RG was one of the casualties.We have used Custom Actions and they're fairly powerful but can leave you open to all sorts of problems -- can call an executable, but if that executable has been deleted at some point later the package cannot be uninstalled! YMMVI am aware of the intended behavior of such configuration files although I think it is more "clean" to have user preferences in a separate file not contained in the project.

In such a case, this behavior might not seem so logical when deploying a single site to a single server; but when roles are split and/or you have multiple servers with different configurations, this can be a life saver.

This may downgrade system files on older versions of Windows or trigger a file protection error on newer versions of Windows.

Consider using emus instead (replace files with same version) over the normal omus (replace files with lower version only).

However, shortly after we published the article about the MPAA shutdowns a staffer of a well-known torrent site got in touch, informing us that they were of of the casualties.

The site in question – Darkside RG – is a relatively small community where torrents are posted in a forum, but it made a name for itself a few years ago as being the ‘home’ of a XXo.

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